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How 4/20 became 'Weed Day' 6:17 AM EDT April 20, 2020 There is something in the air today. Maybe you've noticed. April 20, or 4/20, is known as "Weed Day" in some circles because the date corresponds with a numerical code for marijuana.  Yes, it seems arbitrary. So how did the number 420 come to represent smoking pot? First, let's get the myths and rumors out of the way: The legend of the California penal code Some claim the number is drawn from the California criminal codes used to punish the use or distribution of marijuana. But the state's 420...

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After Donald Trump declared a National Emergency, the world just went into a scramble. We can’t take our eyes off the news. After reading CDC tips on how to prevent the virus, I curated a list of steps you can take to help reduce the chances of the Corona-virus while enjoying weed with friends.

1. Avoid smoking with people you don’t know.

2. If your sick smoke alone.


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